Meet Our Team

Our team members make sure every detail of your trip is tailored to your personal needs and wants. We advise you on every aspect of your experience including, but not limited to, your travel investment protection, special celebrations, private plane side escorts, luggage services, and endless possibilities.

Please let us know who you would like to work with to plan your next adventure.

Patty PerryYears ago while working in St. Thomas I would sit in the mornings with a cup of coffee and watch the cruise ships come in for the day’s visit. At that point I decided it was time for a total life change and, as a result, I decided to take a bold step and open up my own cruise agency. Here it is over 30 years later and I’m thrilled to say it was a wonderful life-changing step in my life.

Donna HallMy M.O. is to do my best to make my clients vacations the experience and dream they were hoping for. I value my clients and love hearing about their experiences. After all, I can’t go everywhere, so I sometimes live vicariously through them!

Jeremy HallI bring personal and collective experience to clients who are looking to turn their dreams into a reality.

I have contacts all over the world that can not only deliver experiences that would amaze you, but also give you perks, privileges and special access to sites and destinations that you couldn’t get anywhere else. I am part of an elite network in the travel industry that gives me direct and personal contact to the best that the travel industry has to offer.

Cindy MyersI was an elementary school teacher for 10 years until discovering travel which I love. I truly enjoy sending people on that trip of a lifetime.

Lola OwensI have been in the travel industry since 2003.

I love creating custom itineraries in partnership with my clients, providing seamless arrangements that can make a vacation relaxing and stress free. I enjoy finding the best possible tours and cruises for my clients, realizing that each client is unique in need and expectation.

Holly MayhewI chose to become a travel advisor because of my passion for travel and enjoyment of planning trips.

Whether I am researching travel for a client, friends, or my family I find myself enthralled in the history, culture, or hottest trends for each destination.

I have always had a strong interest in travel which was heightened while working as the Travel Editor at McCall’s magazine several years ago.

After a career change and taking time off to raise two daughters, I have returned to the travel industry as a consultant with Cruise Vacations International. I never stopped traveling and exploring new destinations and have enhanced my knowledge of the industry by enrolling in a certificate program with Northern Virginia Community College.

Marsha CarlowI have been in the travel agency business since 1966, working in all areas including managing a very large agency.

I am now mostly working doing what I love most, selling cruises. I specialize in cruises and have had the opportunity to sail on many cruise lines.